FREE Intro Fitness Assessment

Free, One-Hour, Introductory Coaching Session!

What you may expect…

  • Our coach will spend the first half hour learning about your medical history, any previous or current injuries, your goals and how you will measure success to determine if our program is a good fit for you.
  • If you both agree that CrossFit is a very good program to help you achieve the goal/outcome you desire, the coach will lead you through a short, “non-intense” workout to determine your current levels of fitness, strength and flexibility.
  • During your workout, the coach will be showing you how each movement will help you move toward your goal(s).
  • You will get to experience a variety of typical movements found in many CrossFit workouts to see if you like this type of conditioning program.
  • You will be educated about the programming, nutrition, our community and why CrossFit gets fast results for a vast majority of our members.

What will NOT occur…

  • You will NOT be working out in front of any other people.
  • You will NOT be doing any of the intense/extreme movements you may have seen on TV or on the Internet.
  • You will NOT be asked to do any movement or lift any weight that the coach deems to be potentially unsafe.
  • You will NOT have to sit through a “sales pitch” by anyone at any time!
  • You will NOT be asked to purchase a membership or commit to anything.
  • You will NOT have to make your decision in front of any member of our staff. We want you to feel free to go home, think through your options and make the best possible decision… for you!